DTI Management marries a proprietary software platform with a consolidated sales model to streamline live event ticket distribution, and provide a more controlled secondary ticket selling environment for sports teams, event producers, music artists, venues and ticket brokers.  We allow our members and partners to focus on what they know best - growing their businesses. 

DTI Management’s qualified investors will fund the investment and our expert analysts will manage the day-to-day sales of the inventory.  Through DTI’s vast network of secondary retail sales channels, properties can now regain their competitive advantages.

Providing a more controlled selling environment is the #1 goal at DTI.  No longer will teams or promoters have their products devalued by unauthorized resellers.  Through DTI’s proprietary software, properties can now see sales on the secondary market in real-time through a web portal and even extract end user data in some scenarios.


What we do

Our mission is to bring The DTI Group (investors), our retail partners, industry experts, and primary properties into one central platform in order to provide a more controlled selling environment. 

DTI Management partners directly with properties through large-scale, long-term acquisitions.  Additionally, we provide added benefits including:

  • Real-time data sharing
  • Price minimums 
  • Increased primary ticket sales
  • Revenue sharing
  • Unique marketing strategies

DTI’s industry expert analysts will manage the entire secondary sales process.  Our process is simple:

  1. Our investors, The DTI Group, purchase all of your allotted secondary inventory
  2. DTI’s analysts and staff will then manage the sales and fulfillment process on the secondary market places
  3. DTI will provide our partners (teams, venues, promoters) a web-based portal for real-time access to sales data
  4. DTI will share a portion of the revenue directly with the partner

With the ever evolving ticketing space, why not let the experts, DTI Management, manage it for you? 

Why we do it

Why do we it?  Because you can’t!  We assume the risk from the financial side and distribute all of your tickets to our vast network of resellers.  

Traditional sellers of tickets (ticket brokers) are out to make a quick profit and move on to the next investment.  To them, there is no concern for how their actions can affect the team from a sales perspective and a branding standpoint.  

A ticket is a license, yet we let unlicensed people sell your product and thus having some control over your brand.  That has to stop!  There comes a point where a seat is better off empty.  The airlines have done a great job with controlling this.  It would drastically hurt price integrity of United Airlines tickets if everyone knew prices would go down as it got closer to the flight time.  However, it never does.  That’s how we see the secondary market.

There must be a minimum price that a consumer must pay to see a live entertainment event, or that seat is better off unsold.  It is too damaging to a brand when 76ers tickets sell for $0.01, or Nets tickets sell for $2.00.  It’s hard to recover from the market effects and publicity of this.

At DTI, we want to train the consumers to purchase earlier and at the optimal market price.  We have a team of experts that can manage this entire process, sparing the organization of any out-of-pocket costs.



Who we do it with

Our partners are the marketing experts!  StubHub, Ticketmaster, and SeatGeek are a handful of our partners who spend millions of dollars a year to market your products.  The hardest part in today’s ticketing industry is it’s almost completely web-based.  Any person who can create a website, can sell tickets.  Now there are giants in the industry like StubHub and Ticketmaster who sell millions of tickets a year all through the web.  

Why compete against them?  DTI’s goal is be the bridge between the investors in inventory > primary ticketing > resellers/retailers.  

Our solution is simple.   You cannot sell individual game tickets when the secondary market is so much lower than the primary.  You cannot out market (i.e. SEM, SEO) the secondary retail sites because Google is the #1 seller of tickets in the world.  Your official ticket website is only 1 out of a minimum of 15 sites on the first page of Google.  DTI will put controls in place to ensure a healthy primary market and secondary, and work directly with all of the retailers to maximize revenue.  

Remember, the retailers are marketing and selling YOUR tickets and not charging you for it.


How we do it

Proprietary software + Team of industry experts + Large group of investors

Proprietary software:  DTI’s software seamlessly distributes your inventory to 99% of the secondary ticket resale websites on the Internet.  Our systems can manage the importing; selling and fulfillment of tickets from 85% of our retail partners, thus eliminating high overhead costs of maintaining a large staff.

Team of industry experts:  DTI’s team consists of long-time secondary ticket sellers, former collegiate primary ticket sellers, and ex-NBA league employees.  Our secondary ticket sellers are experts at analyzing the markets, knowing when to sell a ticket, and yield management.  They will navigate through all the different sales channels to ensure proper exposure in order to maximize revenue.  Having experts who have worked on “the other side of the fence” has been vital to DTI’s success.  We knew it was important to have people who worked on the primary side to ensure our process will work.  

Large group of investors:  The DTI Group consists of over 130+ self-funded individuals.  These investors have the ability to invest their financial capital towards DTI Management deals.  With this large group of investors, DTI can guarantee financial terms for multiple years.

Let our team do a full secondary market analysis of your team.


Leading industry software

DTI’s proprietary software seamlessly distributes your inventory to 99% of the secondary ticket resale websites on the Internet.  Our systems can manage the importing; selling and fulfillment of tickets from 85% of our retail partners, thus eliminating high overhead costs of maintain a large staff.