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The first ever full service inventory management solution, from start to finish.  

DTI Management marries a proprietary software platform with a consolidated sales model to streamline live event ticket distribution, and provide a more controlled secondary ticket selling environment for sports teams, event producers, music artists, venues and ticket brokers.  We allow our members and partners to focus on what they know best - growing their businesses. 


DTI Management shares all legally allowable data. Better understand pricing, sales, and customer metrics. Data is available in real-time from any web-based platform.

Inventory Management

DTI Management’s propriety software allows ticket sellers to quickly and easily price their inventory across multiple distribution channels. Integrations with companies such as StubHub and Ticketmaster, add credibility and breadth of sales.

Brand Integrity

Maintain your brand’s integrity by having a partnership with your secondary ticket reseller. Set rules to ensure your brand value remains strong. No one likes to see $1.00 tickets for sale.


DTI Management has unmatched distribution in the secondary industry. DTI sells tickets through well-known, established retailers with specific niches and large audiences, such as ScoreBig and StubHub.

Lead Generation

Easily generate leads by knowing exactly what seats are occupied by secondary market purchasers. Send your reps to these low hanging prospects for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.


DTI Management’s web-based portal enables tickets to be priced and sold in the most efficient and effective ways currently possible.

Sales Reports

Run sales reports in real-time to see how tickets sales break down. Customizable reporting is in the pipeline for more robust sales takeaways such as percent of tickets listed for sale.

Event Profitability

Run event profitability reports in real-time to see sold tickets, profits, and margins. In some cases, DTI shares profits because in a true partnership all parties should have a piece in the upside.


Work exclusively with one reseller rather than dealing with dozens, which negatively saturate the secondary market. One point of contact, one renewal, data sharing, market control, and more.

Take Control

Take control of your secondary marketplace. Control price floors, supply, and even demand. Know your buyers and sellers of your tickets and who is in the building.